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Feb 23 2009

Wines of Bolivia

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The centre of Bolivia wines is in Tarija, between 21-22º latitude south close to the Tropic Capricorn. The closest neighbouring wine region would be that of Salta, Argentina. Despite the delay the fastest way to get to Tarija is by air (Aerosur) from La Paz, otherwise Road NR. 1 is connecting it with the north. The region was founded on the 4th July 1574 by Captain Don Luis de Fuentes y Vargas. Population of the department is 300.000 while the capital Tarija has 110.000 people.

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Feb 22 2009

Peru Wines Tasting Note

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Feb 20 2009

Peru Wine at the Tacama Winery

Peru makes not only it’s wine brandy (Pisco) but wine as well. In Lima I tasted the wines of Tabernero which I must say – quite liked (Merlot-Malbec 2005 & Cabernet Sauvignon 2006). But also had some less famous experience with the Borgoña wine (which must be Concord), mostly sweet and unpleasant red wine.

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Feb 15 2009

Bolivian wine, to get started

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I was sitting in La Paz at high altitude and thinking about Bolivian wine, I just had a few days earlier a glass of Kohlberg 2007 in Copacabana. Why not visit some vineyards and wineries in Bolivia, that would be a change and lower altitude ?!

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Feb 06 2009

Pisco Payet in Ica, Peru

I met Guillermo D. Payet back in London at the International Wine& Spirit Fair in 2008. They had a massive stand in the spirit section and as I did know much about Pisco I approached them. He came Immediately very friendly across as we would know each other since ages. He said if I’m in Peru I should definitively pay him a visit.

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