Jul 17 2015

Business Wine Budapest – the place to network over a good glass of wine

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What´s the difference between wine business and business wine? In my book the first is more about the wine while the second is more about the business. The idea behind “business wine” was simply to bring people together from various businesses and different entrepreneurs, managers and executives to share ideas but foremost to conduct business with each other. To spicy up and add another dimension to such a networking get together wine is an ideal tool. Since it´s the oldest and most natural (alcoholic) beverage on the planet with long history, traditions and quality. Many of us consider it as part of their social life, essential to gastronomy and with responsible consumption it´s also a factor of pleasure.  I used to say wine brings people together and so does a common goal as well.


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It was the second time in July that I attended the Business Wine´s event. An informal walk around tasting where wineries present their wines in conjunction with various food (crackers, ham/sausages, chutney, chocolate, etc.) with the opportunity to meet and greet like minded people from various business backgrounds. I personally much enjoyed some of the presentation at my first time in May such as the one with the title: Natural leadership, what can you learn from sport and how to implement it into the business life.

To sum it up in one sentence it´s an opportunity to exchange business cards and to find people who you looking for but also to present your business and make them aware of you. It´s set up in a sense of a “speed meeting” where people gather around the table tell their background and after few minutes they change to a different table with different people. Like speed wine dating which is equally fun if you ask me.

But back to serious business. At the last event in July there was a given topic organized by Vilmos Kuti around the variety of Cabernet Franc and Bikavér which is a good idea to have a theme. However, a bit heavy those red wines in the summer, perhaps. But there is diversity so one can find his or her favourite wine for the evening. Some new comers lesser known properties beside the well known wineries, good mix and quality minded wineries with personality.


Source: Business Wine

Csaba Malatinszky from Villány is putting emphasizes on Cabernet Franc a variety which does particularly well in Villány as single varietal, depending on vintage there are some delicious wines. The Bikavér´s from Szekszárd and Eger are very different and it´s always a pleasure to taste them side by side.

I had my fair share of Montravel, Bergerac, Rosette, Montbazillac and Saussignac. But I don´t recall to taste Pecharmant AOC from the South West of France. While the blend is basically the same as in Bergerac dominated by Merlot (mostly), Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon followed by Malbec (Cot) sometimes. Pecharmant comes from the words of “pech” for hill and “charmant” yes you can guess the later. Charming hill, on a mixture of sand and clay with some gravel. Charming wine indeed as Clarance Joubert Du Cellier shared with us the 2012 Pecharmant from Peyretaille, value for money with decent fruit concentration, dry finish and bright flavours lighting up the picture.


Source: Business Wine

Business wine, a good idea: conducting business beside a glass of wine…

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