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Kristian was born in 1981 in Böblingen in the county Baden – Württemberg. Traveling is all important as it connects people with each other exchanges knowledge, culture, history, gastronomy, passion and the joy for similar things.

Its a fantastic possibility to widen your horizon and develop skills which are useful for your whole life.  Kristian used to be a freelance tour guide in Europe, with focus on the German speaking areas and Central Europe.

The subject wine came relatively late despite that he grew up and lived in countries with deep roots to wine culture. He became chairman of the Wine Society in his college with the age of 21, knowing a lot about history and wine history but little about anything else at that time. By attending wine schools, reading books, visiting wine regions, talking to people (asking questions) and tasting a lot of wine he became more and more enthusiastic. During University College he was the chairman of the wine society for almost three years. During this time he met dr. Robert Cey-Bert member of the International Wine Academy who became his teacher. Kristian still mentions Cey-Bert professor as one of the people who influenced him very much on the wine path and this friendship, connection continues today as well.

Kristian after graduating in tourism-hospitality and economy from his University-College he left to the wine tasting capital of the world: London to learn more about wine. Working for the independent fine wine merchant in Little Venice (London), The Winery first as a sales person later in managing role responsible for spirits, fortified wines, tasting (including private) and staff. Beside the active role as a wine merchant he continued his studies on wine with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) finishing with his diploma in wine & spirits, passing all exams at the first attempt. The amazing possibilities on seminars, meetings wine makers and consultants and of course the tastings gave him immense boost and development. He also became a member of the judging panel of several wine competitions in from London to Jerez.

Traveling to wine regions meeting people, tasting wine and food (wine gastronomy) in the spirit, sense of the place is incredible. Hard to put in words yet its such an elevation of feelings traveling, tasting wine and food learning by doing.

Kristian is currently studying for his Master of Wine.

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  1. Zsoltanon 21 Dec 2008 at 11:18 pm

    Great blog mate, keep up the good job!!

  2. Remi Bargmannon 04 Jan 2009 at 8:45 am

    Szia Kristian,

    Here in Krakow I am really happy that there is something excisting as your blog about wines. The articles are really nice to read, I am just starting to read them, and I really enjoy it. And thanks for the trip to the wineyard you organized the 2nd of January 2009, it was great. I am waiting for the articles from South America!



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