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Aug 13 2015

Karthäuserhof my girlfriends new love

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Karthäuserhof full tasting notes, Riesling, the 3F+1, Ruwer, Trier, Porta Nigra, history of the domaine,

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Oct 07 2010

Spanish „vino y tapas“ in Stuttgart, Mehlo wines and more

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“A wine which cannot tell a story while you drink it should not be called wine“

Quality Spanish wines in Württemberg, La bodega Mehlo. The combination with delicious Spanish, tapas food is crucial. “Call me on my first name”, the encounter. Home of great spirits, handcrafted rum and Cardinal Mendoza and massage in a chair

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Dec 24 2008

Give the Germans a break, will ya

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Short briefing why the Germans are so important for the wine world (as well as import and export too) despite that average bottle price is low.

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Dec 17 2008

Don´t go cheap on high Prädikat status wines

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Or if you do you would pay the price, certainly a hilariously low price on the actual wine, but also a rather dissatisfying quality…you get what you pay, simple.

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