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May 12 2009

Riding up and down the Andes in Peru

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There is a reason why I prefer trains oppose to buses. And I was soon to find out once again the reason for my preference. But unfortunately there are no trains (not even tracks) from Nazca to Cuzco and while it might sound foolish to consider going all the way back to Lima just to take a flight, I would always recommend once you flying direct Lima-Cuzco. Take a plane. The bus ride is long and painful, at least it was for me…

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May 11 2009

On the Highway number one, from Lima to Nazca

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The Pan American Highway goes somewhat north of Peru into Ecuador and Colombia and continues southwards from Lima all the way to Tacna where after entering Chile the Road number one becomes nr. 5.

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Jan 25 2009

Touching down in Lima

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Peru’s capital city is the only one out of the South American capitals with direct access to the sea.

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Jan 11 2009

Welcome to the architecture inside nature pure – Ta Prohm

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Ta Prohm is a Buddhist monastery dedicated to the “ancestor Brahma” and dates back to the middle of the XII. century and beginning of the XIII. century. If you´re looking for tranquillity (compared to most busy Wat´s in Angkor) and the amazing harmony between nature and Khmer design, I reckon this could be paradise for you…

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Dec 24 2008

Wat Arun- Temple of Dawn

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The full name actually is much longer: Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchaworamahaviharn. Named after the Aruna the Indian God of Dawn. One of the familiar sights in Bangkok.

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Dec 21 2008

The Reunification Express, from Saigon to Hanoi

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What a fantastic train ride this is if you make a break or two and see the scenery over the Hai Van Pass. Of course I was pushing it again, no break but the full 3 days (33 hours) yet I would do it again with a stop and with one or two bottles wines, only.

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