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May 02 2016

The beauty and diversity of dry furmint

Tweet The beauty and diversity of dry Furmint Just a month after the successful ProWein 2016 where a number of seminars were organized amongst them with some focus on the variety, Furmint as well I finally manage to post my long due notes on the Great Furmint tasting: Furmint February. Another quick word on the […]

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Apr 27 2015

The great Bikavér (bulls blood) tasting Szekszárd vs. Eger

Tweet Bikavér a.k.a. Bulls blood in English is produced in two regions of Hungary, in Eger and Szekszárd. While people say historically speaking, because of the “co-operative” it was more famous in Eger, but this if so was purely based on volume and nothing else. On the other side the majority of people reckon from […]

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Apr 05 2015

The great Furmint tasting reloaded

Tweet Can you ever get tired of Furmint? Don´t think so. The very first of “varietal” tastings was the Furmint February roughly 5 years ago, which shows the variety in great depth mainly from the dry and dryish side. While the quality and style is still very much varying across the line there seems come […]

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Aug 06 2014

Domaine Rossignol Trapet – expression of the fruit and terroir

Rossignol Trapet- two families in Gevrey, from Beaune to Gevrey, biodnyamic not a question of money but more, small quantity, expression of pure fruit, does it overshadows terroir – you tell? Beaune vs. Gevrey,

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Jun 16 2014

From vertical to horizontal – big picture of Tokaj

From vertical to horizontal – big picture of Tokaj, Royal Tokaji, Szepsy, Disznókö, Oremus, full aszú vintage chart 2013-1992, dry and sweet wines, tasting notes

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Feb 08 2014

The big Furmint picture 2014, Tasting notes of the Furmint February event

full picture of dry Furmint in Hungary (almost), tasting notes, thought on Furmint

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Apr 05 2010

Bordeaux en primeur 2009

Published by under Bordeaux Wines

I had the pleasure to taste some of the 2009 vintages before the official future, en primeur campaign got on its way. A quick note on some of the tasted 09’ with the MW students (more notes from 09’ will follow).

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Mar 07 2010

The „break out”, aka Ruster Ausbruch, sweet wine flight with the Feiler-Artinger Estate

Published by under Austrian Wines

The town of Rust and Ausbruch can not be separated from each other. The history goes a long way back, 1524 when Queen Maria from Hungary granted the mark of origin to the wines (the barrels were branded with an “R”).

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Feb 28 2010

Austrian Wines

Published by under Austrian Wines

Esterházy Winery

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Feb 22 2010

Rheingau Wines

Published by under Rheingau Wines

Tweet 11.02.2010

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