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Aug 29 2014

A successful marriage in Chambolle and beyond, Domaine Amiot – Servelle

Published by under Burgundy

cellar door sale, organic – own compost, sale, trade in and out, pay for the land even within the family

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Aug 06 2014

Domaine Rossignol Trapet – expression of the fruit and terroir

Rossignol Trapet- two families in Gevrey, from Beaune to Gevrey, biodnyamic not a question of money but more, small quantity, expression of pure fruit, does it overshadows terroir – you tell? Beaune vs. Gevrey,

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Jul 22 2014

Astoria – the name for fashion in the Prosecco

Published by under Italy

At the Treviso hills, wide range, fashion and prosecco, Val de Brun Estate, family business, Müller Thurgau, marketing drive, Lounge time

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Jan 20 2014

Living the soil from Stellenbosch to Bordeaux

from Bordeaux to Stellenbosch, living the soil, cover crop, pest and disease, counter attack, cost control

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Dec 22 2013

Latest Zwack Open notes and more

tasting notes from the zwack open, from around of hungary

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Nov 29 2013

The terroir man from Kamptal – Kurt Angerer

Published by under Austria

From nothing to start with, soil is everything (and climate), from Riesling to Grüner, Kurt does it, in the hearth of the Kamptal, the story of Syrah, fairs-fairs-fairs-talk-talk-talk-taste-taste-taste, the selection let the soil do the expression…

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Oct 19 2013

Kracher TBA sweet wine presentation of the 2011 vintage

Published by under Austria

Kracher, vintage 2011, the estate

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Sep 06 2013

Beyond Chardonnay, Montrachet and Cote d’Or – Comtes Lafon

Published by under Burgundy

The domaine with Dominique Lafon, Le Montrachet & beyond, winemaking question of art, tasting wines over Burgundy, high tech and bottle proof, sulphites levels, what about terroir…

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Aug 22 2013

The faces of Sop-Vin and Kékfrankos at the Lövér cellar

Kékfrankos a Hungarian thing, over 95 hectares, from the cellar over the equipment to the wine, the legendary Flandorffer Ignác, so many varieties but why not Furmint? The terroir of Spern Steiner, story of Sopron – birth of the bourgeois

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Jul 29 2013

A special South African wine experience, Waterford

Published by under South Africa

The senses: smell, see, hear… – unique experience outside, quality is everything, biodiversity, selection of varieties – unique as well, the Jem amongst South Africa’s finest reds, soil wind temperature amongst the factors, the wine – don’t do too much alcohol

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