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Oct 11 2009

Mastering Napa at the Mondavi Winery

Without doubt Napa Valley is THE place for Cabernet Sauvignon in the US, within this, the Mondavi Winery is the bench mark, not only when it comes to history and Cabernets with some age but also setting a trend and progress.
It was Mark de Vere Master of Wine who was our guide for the day at the Robert Mondavi Winery in Oakville.

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Aug 11 2009

Energy in wine, the crystallization of wines, Bonny Doon Winery

Back in Mendocino at the Hearth Arrow Ranch Julie Golden mentioned something which caught my attention. A winery in Santa Cruz which does crystallization, crystallization of the finished wine and much more.

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Aug 11 2009

Golden times in Mendocino, tasting at the Golden Vineyards

They say you don´t step in the same river twice. Well, I almost did. It was back a while ago when a gentleman came to our shop in London to buy the Golden Coro wines. Back then a colleague of mine was serving him and talking with great joy and passion about the wine.

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Aug 02 2009

Smoky issues in California – smoke taint

There are quite a few wine faults and at some point you can add a new one to all the existing ones. At least since 2008 there is a new wine fault making its way into the wines: smoke taint.

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