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Aug 13 2015

Karthäuserhof my girlfriends new love

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Karthäuserhof full tasting notes, Riesling, the 3F+1, Ruwer, Trier, Porta Nigra, history of the domaine,

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Aug 21 2009

In the spirit of the Niederhäuser Hermannshöhle

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The best of the Nahe wines have the minerality but with a bold fruit character and volcanic spice like character and good acidity. Diversity is huge, and thanks to the fact that more and more single vineyard wines are emerging, there is a revelation going on, a real deal.

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Aug 14 2009

Golden drops at the Mosel, Piesporter Goldtröpfchen

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The title suggests it, Goldtröpfchen meaning golden drops, or rather golden droplets as Tropfen is drops while Tröpfchen tends to be smaller drops, droplet(s) and a kinder way to put drops. There are a few explanation for the name, Goldtröpfchen.

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Jan 06 2009

Felsengarten, stone garden which rocks

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Württemberg is famous for co-operatives cellar, red wine production, wine consumption highest per head in Germany and Trollinger (probably the leanest red wine the whole word). Yet, let me point out two sites beside the Neckar River with stunning views and surprising terroir and co-op who does very correct, clean and enjoyable wines.

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Dec 18 2008

Discover Württemberg

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Württemberg in one sentence: long established history and sophisticated wine culture well backed up by a supportive community.

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Dec 16 2008

Ahrweiler, the German capital for Spätburgunder, aka Pinot Noir

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The second biggest plantings of Pinot Noir is in Germany, the Ahr has 500 ha of it, more or less

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