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Jan 15 2017

The Queen of Hárslevelű, Berecz Stephanie of Kikelet

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the beauty of Hárslevelű, unique grape, Tarcal the home of loess, tasting notes

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Aug 31 2016

Badacsony in the eye of the beholder

full tasting notes, badacsony, szent györgy hegy,

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Sep 30 2015

Vertical Tokaji tasting of the Kapi vineyard of Disznókö

kapi vineyard, disznókö, mezözombor, vertical tasting of single vineyard furmint aszú

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Jun 30 2015

The aromatic white wines of Badacsony

Tweet The (aromatic white) wines of Badacsony I have been a long advocate to put more emphasize on the fragrant, fruity and aromatic white wines. Especially in Hungary where 67% of the planted grapes are white and the majority of them is aromatic or at least semi-aromatic. While there are some outstanding varieties which are […]

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Dec 01 2014

Big vertical Disznókö Szamorodni tasting – “Tokaj Pleasure of Purity”

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Disznókö vertical szamorodni tasting, late harvest vs. sweet szamorodni, the story behind, full tasting notes,

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Dec 22 2013

Latest Zwack Open notes and more

tasting notes from the zwack open, from around of hungary

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Aug 22 2013

The faces of Sop-Vin and Kékfrankos at the Lövér cellar

Kékfrankos a Hungarian thing, over 95 hectares, from the cellar over the equipment to the wine, the legendary Flandorffer Ignác, so many varieties but why not Furmint? The terroir of Spern Steiner, story of Sopron – birth of the bourgeois

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Jul 02 2013

Thought on Furmint, on classification amongst others at the Oremus winery

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2013 starts off as difficult year: from cold over rain to very hot – bad flowering, what is Furmint? Thought on classification, can dry Furmint age? Oremus – thought on terroir, tasting notes

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Mar 31 2013

Badacsony in New York, or the 30 different shades of the Szürke(barát)

Will be Szürkebarát the big hope of Badacsony? Best of: wines and cellars, faulty wines please don’t, brief tasting notes, the 4T of Badacsony, good mix of international and local varieties, focus on Szürkebarát, more Pinot Gris than Pinot grigio yet it’s different

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Nov 02 2011

Emperor of reds around the Lake Balaton, Cezar winery

From Zala to Sweden and back again, And from sparkling to still wines, It’s easier to pronounce, mainly reds – how unusual, Hungarian business and the way to the supermarket or not, Very late harvest, does it work?

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