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Feb 20 2009

Peru Wine at the Tacama Winery

Peru makes not only it’s wine brandy (Pisco) but wine as well. In Lima I tasted the wines of Tabernero which I must say – quite liked (Merlot-Malbec 2005 & Cabernet Sauvignon 2006). But also had some less famous experience with the Borgoña wine (which must be Concord), mostly sweet and unpleasant red wine.

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Feb 06 2009

Pisco Payet in Ica, Peru

I met Guillermo D. Payet back in London at the International Wine& Spirit Fair in 2008. They had a massive stand in the spirit section and as I did know much about Pisco I approached them. He came Immediately very friendly across as we would know each other since ages. He said if I’m in Peru I should definitively pay him a visit.

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