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Jul 17 2012

Two names that matter from Madeira, Henriques & Henriques

Established 1850, vineyard owner, new site, from Ireland to Madeira, the beauty of acidity, volcanic soil, together with Justinos, question of recorking, and the wines

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Dec 19 2011

Two hundred years of Madeira, Blandys with the Madeira Wine Company

The company forming a unity, Blandy’s since 1811, Madeira’s biggest, Blandy’s, Leacock, Miles and Cossart Gordon – style, enough wood forever, visitors section education with amazing stock Sao Francisco, a bug which travels by wind, famous people who enjoyed Madeira from Churchill to the White House

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Oct 21 2011

Barbeito, Madeira from tradition to innovation

My oldest vintage so far, Japanese precision & Portuguese passion, Look at the label, Want some caramel – no please, food and wine should go together, Technology must not always destroy tradition

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Jul 19 2011

Strictly canteiro, Artur de Barros e Sousa Lda

Short for ABSL, handcrafted wines, the smallest winery but what about the future…”close the doors”. Poseima good for banks and the others, nothing but canteiro, driest Sercial on the island…perhaps

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